How To Make Your Home Shine this Spring

Here’s How to Make Your Home Shine this Spring

By Melanie Jensen
The mission: Brighten up outdoor home decor and bring a calming sense of organization to all exterior spaces. In real estate, we call this enhancing your home's curb appeal. In life, we call it basic spring cleaning.
Whether your home needs a little love because it's going on the market or you're just trying to instill some nature-inspired tidiness to your life, we've got a few tips to help you get started:
1. Edge up your exterior.
Remove anything that will distract from the first impression people get when they arrive at your home. This means getting rid of weeds and blooms that have overstayed their welcome and mowing any grass that has grown well beyond the point of looking mysteriously lush.
2. Replace the mulch.
Add a fresh layer of mulch to your flower beds and around shrubs and trees. Choosing the right tone of mulch can emphasize house detailing and the plants they’re surrounding. If your home is contemporary, opt for black mulch, (it'll also create a chic, modern contrast against green plants). If your home is a colonial or has brick siding, opt for mulch in shades of brown. If your home is a Spanish-style estate or has a terra cotta roof, select red mulch to create a subtle consistency that will match the warm elements of your home's architecture.
3. Emphasize fun colors and exciting plants.
Choose plants that highlight your home's best features. For instance, low-lying shrubbery can enhance a charming, wraparound porch. Tall, lean bushes might perfectly frame a dramatic, wrought iron double door. You can also use plants to bring a pop of color into more neutral outdoor spaces; adding planter groupings with succulents in different shapes and colors is a fun way to bring new life to a drab part of your yard.
4. Create a social zone.
Once you've perfected your yard, why not create a space where everyone can enjoy it? Bring in comfy patio furniture and some multi-colored (outdoor-friendly) pillows or even a fire pit or porch swing. Consider outdoor lighting features.
Make the most of your trees and shrubbery by adding string lights or lanterns. They'll add a casual vibe and friendly glow to any setting.
5. Update your outdoor details.
Give your shutters and front door a fresh coat of paint. You can also try a new color, which will provide an instant refresh. For a big change, switch out your front door with something completely different. For a small change, swap out your address sign.
6. Get creative!
All it takes to update a space for a new season is a little creativity and an open mind! Install unexpected planters that feature interesting colors or shapes. Customize a doormat or mailbox for a unique touch to any home. Add a hint of extravagance with a new entrance gate or door knocker. Anything is possible when you’re seeking a fresh perspective, which is the very essence of the spring season.
If you're looking for more information about simple, exterior upgrades or need a list of the best places in Northern Utah for paint, decor and plants, send an email or call me any time. I'm happy to help! Get in touch: Melanie Jensen 385-777-1710

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